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I adore this series, it's no secret. I really look forward to each one, and they never fail to deliver. Moving Monty In is sweet, touching, emotionally fulfilling, funny, and the sex is hot. I loved the janitor's closet! For anyone who hasn't yet started reading this series give it a try, I defy anyone not to fall in love with Finn, Aiden and most of all Kaylee. Aug 21, Joanne rated it really liked it.

Both men are nervous of the commitment they are about to make. Most of the emotional scenes are between Finn and Kaylee, after all Finn is not just moving in with his boyfriend, he's taking on a parenting role with Kaylee as well. Moving Monty In is Another lovely snippet of life with Aiden and Finn, this time moving in together is not as easy as it sounds, at least not with mad cap friends and five years olds to settle. I love this series!

Moving Monty In

If you are looking for a "feel good" read, this is it. It's funny, cute, hot and any angst is fleeting and played for a giggle. If you're wondering whether or not to give Monty a whirl, quit wondering and just jump in. Aug 24, Sadonna rated it liked it Shelves: contemporary , mm , pdf , series. Aiden freaks out about Finn moving in. I look forward to each little vignette with these two :D. Dec 29, Isabel rated it liked it Shelves: m-m-romance. Mar 20, Ana rated it liked it Shelves: free-ebooks. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. They really should stop having sex everywhere 'cause they always seem to get caught by someone. But I guess that's what makes it more fun too. Aug 24, Lucy rated it really liked it. Cute freak out by Aiden as they move Finn in, another equally cute by Finn as Monty's hand goes missing.

Nice continuation of the story of these two. Mar 10, melek rated it it was amazing Shelves: 0-humor , 0-romance , lisa-worrall. Things are going so well aiden asks finn to move in. This one cracked me up there are too scene i laughed in silence Nov 29, Pjm12 rated it really liked it Shelves: angsty , family , fast-paced , funny , kids , romantic , series , sexy. Enjoy all of these Monty stories. Dec 22, Riina Y. As the series continued, it became a little more dull but still not bad, I mean it's just "that kinda series" I think.

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It makes you feel good by the end of the book and that's also something nice :. Aug 07, Karen rated it really liked it. It's perfect when you want something short and sweet. Each episode takes only an hour or less.

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Finn and Aiden are such a cute couple, and Aiden's daughter is a hoot. Apr 25, Saskia rated it liked it Shelves: mm-contemporary. Not a lot happens. It's really just what the title says with some sexy times thrown in Nayski rated it it was amazing Jan 05, Ale rated it really liked it Feb 20, Mrsgeo rated it really liked it Oct 23, Loopy rated it it was ok Aug 29, Angela rated it really liked it Apr 13, Krista rated it it was amazing Dec 17, Heather S rated it it was amazing Jan 29, Sarah rated it really liked it Oct 05, The fourth girl in the car had only met the other three the previous September, when they all started taking classes at San Diego State University.

Isabella had black hair falling to her waist, and her skin was a darker brown than Aino's or Jenny's, though lighter than Deborah's. Aino, Jenny, and Deborah had taken an instant liking to Isabella, and made her their D'Artagnan, their fourth Musketeer. They'd been badgering her, ever since, to come see an SGU tournament.

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Aino's brother was as blond as she was, just as good-looking, and even taller; at 19, he was six foot six, and not done growing yet. Make him chase you ," Aino said. She rolled down the driver's window as her brother came up. Working hard, or hardly working?

Hello, ladies," George said, making it clear that the former was not included in the latter. Aino stuck out her tongue and put the bus in gear. George saluted in best ROTC style as they rolled by. Jenny sighed, Aino snorted, and Isabella said, "Don't you love your brother, Aino?

To know him is to love him—and to love him is to kick his butt constantly, before his head swells like a hot-air balloon and carries him away completely. Between girls like this goose here, and his ROTC, and being Dad's squire and dead sure to be a Duke himself someday, he needs all the help he can get, believe me. Lisa Worrall - Analysis of 15 Reviews

I know how you mean—my brother, Juan Carlos, is much the same. But no one 'kicks his butt'," Isabella said. I'm surprised he hasn't been knighted yet; he certainly wins most of his fights.

Moving Monty In (Marshall's Park #6)

Deborah rolled the side door back, and climbed out with a bundle of poles and banners. But it'll never happen. More likely, the Kingdom will make a little money on the event. The parking area was the other side of a little hill from the tourney area. The path between them went around the hill, not over it; no one wanted to lug gear uphill, either arriving or leaving. Still, the cars, buses, and RVs were out of sight of the weekend's medieval atmosphere, and vice versa. So Isabella got her first look at an SGU tourney when the girls came around the hill. They were early, so most of the space between them and the field was empty, and almost everyone was in street clothes, or "mundanes" as they were called.

Three hundred feet in front of them was the field, roughly feet deep and feet wide.

It was surrounded by the "eric," in this case a red cord with red flags a foot square every couple of feet, suspended four feet off the ground on black wrought-iron poles hammered into the ground. There were gaps at each corner for fighters to enter; instead of one pole in each corner, there were two of them, three feet apart, with no cord between them. Tents in a variety of medieval and pseudo-medieval styles were being erected by their owners; high medieval pavilions, one-man arming tents, Viking tents, and a Mongol yurt or two. The Kingdom pavilion was already up, in the middle of the far side of the field, just outside the eric.

The banner of the Kingdom of Patria was blue, with five crowned golden suns arranged in an X; the Kingdom pavilion was blue silk with softball-sized crowned golden suns embroidered all over it.

It was a high medieval pavilion, with a peak supported by two eight-foot poles 16 feet apart. Its floor plan was a long oval with straight sides held up by a score of six-foot poles, with the entrance in the center of one long side. The lines from the tops of the edge poles to the wrought-iron tent stakes were white, and hung with blue-and-yellow flags.

Aino was also surveying the field. The four girls walked around the eric and put their loads down in front of the Kingdom pavilion. She walked up to two men assembling the thrones, which were made of wood and disassembled for ease of storage and transport between tourneys. David Suominen had dark brown hair, light green eyes, and stood barely six feet tall; his son was taller than he was, and his daughter only an inch shorter. Two blonde ladies arranging tables, coolers, baskets, and other gear in the back of the pavilion turned around.

The tall one said nothing. Christina Suominen, green-eyed and five foot four inches tall, said "No, I forgot. Hello, dear. Who has the site map?

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He was a couple inches over six foot, dark-haired and fit like his brother. He studied the map, used during the tourney to direct people to the pavilions of the Kingdom officers, local groups, and larger households. Why don't you grab that? He turned to his brother.

Besides: where were you when I was King? Then they all laughed, and got back to work. Meanwhile the girls dropped their burdens at the corners of the site the King had named, just to the left if you were facing the eric of the spot for the Lists tent, which was just left of the Kingdom pavilion. Then they trooped back and forth to the bus with the tent, the tent poles, the hammers and stakes, and the rugs, leaving everything else in the bus for now. When the rugs were laid out, they marked the area the pavilion would cover, and helped keep dry grass and burrs out of everything.

The Suominen day pavilion was like the Kingdom pavilion, but round instead of oval, sixteen feet across. Aino and her best friends worked like a well-oiled machine, having done this many times, showing Isabella as they went. First the bolt in the end of the eight-foot center pole went through the grommetted hole in the top of the pavilion, and a wooden ball was screwed onto its end. Then Jenny held the center pole upright in the middle of the rug while Deborah and Aino repeated the process with one of the six-foot side poles.

Then Deborah held that pole while Aino looped one of the tent cords over the pole, just at the base of the capping bell. Isabella helped hold the cord taut while Aino pounded the tent stake in. The hammer was hard rubber, and the stake was wrought iron, with a square cross-section and decorative twists in the middle, sold by a Society member in Oregon who was a master blacksmith.