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Faithfull In Flames 6.

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Somewhere 7. Catharsis his sweat was like blood drops falling down to earth, my soul is very sorrowful even unto death, and says abba father all things are possible unto thee Storm Sunset I washed now my skin with flames.

I was created to fight this. I'm been pushed through the fire, I've been guilty to believe. Fearless we must to go at war.

Flame burning holy fury through the storm… Fight the snake… fight, fight, fight the snake through the storm! Somewhere Somewhere the light shines.! Some of us refuse to accept,their superficial apologies when really we can realize and open wide our eyes Now it's time to open your eyes where somewhere light shines. Figures in the column made cautious glances up towards the sky, their faces darkening as much as the clouds above them at the prospect of rain during the formation run.

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The figure, ever present at their side, gave no mind to the weather; he never had. To the great gratitude of the runners beside him though, their destination was just around another bend in the road.

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They rounded the little left on their route and came to a clearing in the once burnt out woods, the recovery in the area astounding, one could hardly tell that there were was once a terrible fire that ravaged these woods only a few mestunes ago. Here, the column halted and their lead instructed them to return to this position early two mornings from then for the next bout of their training.

The ixifar, grey feathers and black beak fringed with yellow, turned and walked towards an unassuming tent at the edges of the clearing. As he walked he let his wings stretch out and away from him, there was still a stiffness to the movement, that made the ixifar grimace with his eyes and his beak opened in a mixture of disgust and pain.

Still he stood there for a moment after making it to the white canvas and forced his wings to operate for a moment. Then stopped and looked around. He had maintained his annoying tendency to literally vanish for long sections of the march to just appear at seemingly random times to startle a couple of militiamen and then vanish again after a couple minutes.

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The kitsune straightened up and walked over to Tziar. That was a while ago, and the scar still aches, but it is fine, I can manage to train the militia still and go on a few shard related errands.