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When The Bough Breaks Afterword. The Outcast Afterword. Reality Check Afterword.

Retreat Hell Afterword. The Thin Blue Line Afterword. First To Fight Afterword. Culture Shock Afterword. Cry Wolf Afterword. Favour The Bold Afterword. Terran Marine Corps — Training and Organisation. Marines V. Everyone Else. I thought it was engaging, but hardly profound. Any additional comments? Nutall has burst on the scene, at least burst into my awareness of the scene. His works are fun, engaging, and generally thoughtful.

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Colonel Stalker and his marines have established a union of worlds known as the common wealth with Avalon and stalkers marines at its core. This entry is well-written with plenty of-action. The author and the narrator are both highly capable and skilled at what they do. You really need to read the books in order to fully enjoy the series. The Empire has collapsed. Avalon is arming as fast as possible, building modern starships for defense, and the Marines are training a local militia. We even find there is romance budding between Stalker and President Gaby Cracker.

We get to renew the relationships with the regular characters in the series such as Jasmine but this book provides us with some new characters chief among them is a villain. Commodore Rani Singh had been passed over for promotion. When the Empire collapsed, Singh was in charge of a Fleet Base and had under her control several capitol ships as well as support vessels and a Logistics Base. She sets out to create her own Empire until she tries to conquer Avalon.

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There is lots of action and suspense in the story. The book is well written and fairly fast paced. In many ways it is a typical military sci-fi story. Overall the story makes a good fun relaxing read. Jeffrey Kafer has narrated the series. Loved it I've already downloaded it and really can't wait to see what dastardly dead Admiral Ronnie has in store for our Heros.

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Great job developing the story line and personal in a way that you can relate to. Some points in the book I felt like I was in the story sounded by my enemies. I enjoy the dynamics of the reality of what the military solution requires. Then the totally unrealistic ethical standards imposed on the personal of the military by the political systems they have chosen to work under.

This series is well though out. And a different marine takes charge of this book bug she does a great job.

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He is writing very strong and believable women which is great. One of my favorite narrators as well. I wish more of the same characters appeared in the books. I don't feel as interested in the stories without a set of common characters. The author leaves loose ends with some characters. After an insight into the home world, the story reverts back to the rim and it is every bit as good as the previous three books. Just about to start on Book 5 and expectations are high.

The story was all contained in the last 1hr of the book the rest was, at best awful. As my teacher would have said This series just keeps getting better! Well written story and well read by Jeffrey Kafer. Would you consider the audio edition of Semper Fi to be better than the print version? I listen to it when I cook, its perfect for that. What other book might you compare Semper Fi to, and why?

Other than Nutall's other books - none.

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Great voice, great inflection. Did you have an emotional reaction to this book? Love the lack of PC comments "The marines take few prisioners" those they do get dumped on some wild world to fend for themselves. Its not great fiction but its great entertainment.

This is book four and it just keeps on getting better. This is my favourite series in a long time and I just cant stop listening. The narrator is great and really helps the story come alive. When I have finished all of these I hope they keep coming I will defiantly be keeping an eye for more from both the author and narrator. Good improvement on the last outing, It was nice to head back to the rim and continue with the Commonwealth.

I also enjoyed the character development from some of my favourites from the first two books It's a gripping story that I just could not stop listening to it, Marines kick ass again I know some people go on about the preachiness of the author find the story is really really enjoyable, can't wait to listen to the next book If you are new to the series your love it but if not this book is a great story on its own.

The continuing saga patchy in parts and leaves you wondering a few unanswerable questions. Your audiobook is waiting…. By: Christopher G. Narrated by: Jeffrey Kafer. Series: The Empire's Corps , Book 4. Length: 12 hrs and 48 mins.

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Bray Length: 16 hrs and 23 mins Unabridged Overall. Publisher's Summary Two years after the empire abandoned them on Avalon, Colonel Edward Stalker and his marines have established the Commonwealth, a union of worlds intended to take the place of the vanished empire.

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