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You can also save a pose snapshot to a variable for later use with any Skeletal Mesh Component.

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The thickness of each axis indicates the moment of inertia magnitude along that axis. Animation curves can now be linked to a specific bone in the Skeleton so they can be culled out with the bone when changing LODs, which is especially useful when setting up facial animations! This can also be used in conjunction with layer blending to prevent overriding curve values from the incorrect layer.

Animation curves can now be modified using arbitrary logic in the Animation Graph to enable more dynamically-driven animations. After adding the new Modify Curve node, you can right click on it and choose which curves you want to modify. Each curve will then appear as an input float pin that logic can be connected to. Font data can now be shared between Font assets using the new Font Face asset, reducing memory consumption and improving stability! Font Face is now the asset that stores the font data, and these assets are simply referenced by the Font assets.

This means that the same font data can be reused for multiple font assets, or even multiple typefaces within a Font asset. Existing Font assets will automatically upgrade their internal font data into embedded Font Face assets during load. You can use the Font Editor to split these embedded assets out into real Font Face assets that may be edited and shared.

Note that any such devices must have support for desktop OpenGL 3.

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The engine now supports AFR rendering for Nvidia SLI configurations to provide superior performance when multiple graphics cards are detected. The largest improvement comes from the renderer copying inter-frame dependencies between GPUs as early as possible. Monoscopic far field rendering can provide a big performance boost by only rendering distant objects once!

Stereo divergence decreases as objects are rendered farther from the camera. At a certain distance, the stereo rendering of distant objects is indistinguishable from a regular monoscopic rendering. Monoscopic far field rendering takes advantage of this by dividing the scene into two partitions with a clipping plane: near field and far field.

Everything on the near field side of the clipping plane is rendered in stereo, everything on the far field side of the plane is only rendered once and then composited into the near field result. Monoscopic far field rendering is only supported on mobile platforms for now. This feature requires MobileHDR to be enabled. You can now significantly reduce memory usage due to shader permutations on mobile by disabling lighting setups that your mobile game does not make use of! Setting the flags to remove lighting setups not used by the SunTemple sample content reduced its Android package size by 22MB.

Android applications can now be packaged to support a third-party Graphics Debugger. Be sure to to follow the directions that appear after selecting the debugger type. Also note that if you package your app to support a particular GPU debugger, it may not function correctly when run on a device with a different GPU. Streaming audio is now supported on iOS!

Streaming audio can reduce both memory usage and level load times. Assets already marked for streaming will automatically be streamed as on other platforms. Remote notifications for IOS are now supported! The game can register for callbacks to handle the notification. The editor provides tools to set up notifications for your app.

Unreal Engine 4.15 Released!

We have now refactored our PhysX Vehicle support as an optional plugin! This makes it easy for games that are not using vehicles to exclude this feature and save disk space and memory. This work also adds several useful physics extension points to Engine e. This will create new TireConfig assets, copy over properties, and assign them to any VehicleWheel Blueprints.

The old TireType assets can then be removed. Bugfix: Fixed AI perception system not properly registering perception listeners spawned as part of "begin play" in streamed-in sublevels. Bugfix: Fixed a bug in the Env Query Generator Simple Grid resulting in one extra column and row of points being generated. Bugfix: A number of fixes to how and when static mesh collision gets applied to navmesh generation process.

This makes static mesh collision changes instantly applied to navmesh on the level. Bugfix: Pasting nodes in the Behavior Tree editor has been fixed to make pasting location predictable. Bugfix: Fixed a bug in EQS debug drawing resulting in displaying labels of item that are no longer being debugged. Bugfix: Fixed the Blackboard component pausing but never being unpaused if we ended up restarting the Behavior Tree instead of continuing. Bugfix: Fixed gameplay debugger's EQS category skipping timestamps, and improved readability of presented data. Bugfix: Get Random Point In Navigable Radius has been fixed to not return invalid locations if there's any navmesh within specified radius.

Added extra warnings in the Anim Blueprint compiler based around these new keys to help people catch suspect thread usage.

Ue4 Shooter Template

Allows poses to be stored in variables so they can be managed like any other Blueprint data. Bugfix: Fixed a crash when retargetting animation assets to another skeleton via duplicate and retarget. Bugfix: Fixed marker sync crash when animation being played by a sequence node changes while that nodes sync group is not active.

Bugfix: Fixed situation in which stale material references could be present as override materials on Static and Skeletal meshes inside of a level. Bugfix: Fixed removal of bone tree entries from a Skeleton after performing "Remove Unused Bones" caused retargeting options to become out of sync. Bugfix: Fixed anim blueprint compiler not following reroute nodes when building cached pose fragment list. Removed warning on Least Destructive animation compression it was incorrectly applied to least destructive due to legacy reasons. Added extra information to log warning about using additive animations in Single Node Anim Instance.

Second, it will apply and override if exists Set Morph Target curves to active morphtarget list. Set Morph Target can also clear the weight if you decided to not to remove from the list. Bugfix: Fixed shadowing issue for Alembic Caches which had incorrect too small bounds. Changed behaviour for calculating blendspace grid weighting for one, two or colinear triangles. Two: Find closest point on line between the two samples for the grid point, and weight according to the distance on the line. Bugfix: Fixed anim sub-instances only allowing one pin to work when any pin required a call out to the VM for evaluation.

Previously it only took curve data from the second pose input. Refactored the Skeletal LOD workflow. It's still possible to pick new files and overwrite the current settings. New: Added support for per-component vertex color overrides for Skeletal Meshes. Use the Set Vertex Color Override function also exposed to Blueprints to specify a new color buffer to apply.

Bugfix: Fixed edge cases so Skeletal Mesh Components should now properly scale collisions when simulating, or when using physical animation. Bugfix: Fixed bounds not being updated on existing skeletal mesh components when changing physics assets. New: Widened bone reference widget to give a better view of the name and added full name to tooltip. New: Changed "Reference Pose" option for additive animation ref pose to "Skeleton Reference Pose" to make it clearer that it is not the meshes reference pose being used.

Bugfix: Fixed "number of curves" label on an animation not updating after adding or removing a curve. Camera is no longer reset when setting skeletal meshes in the skeletal mesh editor etc. Any existing Audio Component that had changed the priority from the default value will still have bOverrideSubtitlePriority as true, those that had not changed the priority from the default have been set to false. New: Changed BuildPlugin command so that it reads from installed platform data to decide which targets to build for more flexible task for BuildGraph.

Now takes "From" and "To" attributes, which may take individual files as well as wildcards, and permits renaming as part of copies. The Separate "Files" attribute is still supported, but is now optional, and is used to filter the list of source files. BuildGraph: Added a task, which can move or rename files using the same syntax as the task. New: Added support in BuildGraph for multi-line properties, declared inside a tag. Mutli-line properties can be useful for making lists for filtering. Each non-empty line inside the property tag is stripped of leading and trailing whitespace, and appended to the property value separated by a semicolon. The New button is no longer in the bottom right of Inputs and Outputs. Parameter ordering controls have been moved onto the main parameter row instead of being nested inside the collapse panel. A tooltip will now let you know the full parameter name and type when you hover over the editable name field. New: Added aliases for "dot" and "cross" math operations in the Blueprint Math Expression node.

BugFix: Fixed a crash when selecting an enum value from a Blueprint node's enum combo box. BugFix: Fixed a crash that could happen after receiving a "Graph is linked to object s in external map" error message. BugFix: Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur when collapsing nodes to a function or macro. BugFix: Fixed a crash caused by an object name collision that could occur when loading some older Blueprint assets. BugFix: Fixed a that would occur when loading a Blueprint with a collapsed node with a split struct pin.

BugFix: Fixed a regression in which nested scene component subobjects would no longer be registered after construction of an instance-added component. BugFix: Fixed inaccurate ensure message that could trigger when choosing a bad target from the Blueprint debug menu. BugFix: An explicit warning is now logged on BuildCookRun or a standalone cook when the -nativizeAssets flag is omitted from the command line for a nativization-enabled project.

BugFix: Fixed various component instance data loss issues for components added to an Actor through one or more Add Component nodes in a Blueprint graph. BugFix: Fixed attached root scene component relative transform values after reconstruction of an Actor-based Blueprint instance. BugFix: Fixed an issue which could cause invalid Blueprint warnings when using a cast node. BugFix: Fixed an issue in the struct editor that would prevent you from including spaces in a variable name.