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Griffon's wing is torn away during the cutscene which, incidentally, drops 20 red orbs if you want to go and pick them up. He can no longer do his aerial attacks, although he does get a defense boost - he's not as easy to damage as before. Refer to the Griffon 1 battle section, as everything in there is applicable to Griffon 3. There are a few differences, however.

Key to the Griffon's Lair (Knights of the Silver Dragon, book 9) by Candice Ransom

It can still be profitable fighting Griffon in this way, however. Use taunting to regain DT whilst Griffon is down, and time the charging of a Meteor or Ifrit punch to hit him after he regains vulnerability. The main advantage of a ruthless knock-down strategy, however, is that it cuts short most of Griffon's lightning attacks. Note that I said "most", not "all. Secondly, you can get double hits with Meteor Lvl 2.

This is impossible to do in the Griffon 1 battle, and insanely hard in the Griffon 2 one. These are far from essential to winning the battle, but are fun to go for :p. If you're interested, then there are various times you can start charging up a Meteor to make it much more likely you will strike for a double hit - one such time is when Griffon hops back and, at the same time, turns around to face you.

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He screeches as he does this, so if you start charging a Meteor as he screeches, you will be pretty likely to get a double hit. A very good opportunity to get a double hit is immediately after jumping left to evade Griffon's futile peck attempt - keep on running forwards for about steps, then start charging up a Meteor. This is infallible once you get used to it, unless Griffon is so close to the stands he can't hop and turn around.

Alternatively, start charging up a Meteor immediately after finishing evading any of his lightning attacks. If you're more-or-less in front of him, you can sometimes get a double hit this way - the timing needs to be spot on, though. And that's pretty much it for the Griffon 3 battle. This time you can get the final hit close up, as a cutscene will be triggered upon Griffon 3's defeat, instead of him flying away like a great big wuss :p.

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On Shelf. Northeast Regional - Childrens Fiction. West Regional - Childrens Fiction. Last run it was a Rope of Return. Wind Necklace [Accessory] Wearer is protected by the powers of the wind. Feather Pen [Object] Big feather pen. Jewel Box [Object] Holder gains fame.

However, wind is not all that common an element outside of the Valley of White Silver. Save for the Jewel Box, all the Objects are self-explanatory. Rope of Return [Object] Enchanted rope. Provided you remember to bring it with you, this is an insanely useful item. A short-range, slow offensive spell that produces multiple projectiles. By the time you have this spell, you should already have the superb Water Bullet, which not only does more damage, it has greater range, costs half the MP of Stone Bullet, and pierces.

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