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Do you agree with this theory? Who cares? Visitors to Greece and Greeks themselves make mention of its physical beauty — the light, the wine-dark sea of Homer, and a diverse landscape. Would you agree with this? I once asked a photographer if there was any truth in the talk about the light here being special. He was from Germany and had lived and worked in Greece for many years. Sounds reasonable to me. Do you believe that religion still plays an important role in Greek life?

In my view it has oppressed people with too many burdens for far too long. Of course, this applies to other countries as well, not just Greece. Call me Mr. Their roots are in lies, deceit and hypocrisy. The truth never was all that popular though, sadly. To what extent do you think this history has shaped the Greeks? Well, the fact that Greece has suffered innumerable occupations and invasions has certainly in my view engendered a resilience in the people that is admirable.

I reply that they were Greek for centuries before Turkey ever existed as a nation. Getting novel no. I love doing it, because I meet new people every week, plus I get a free lunch! What are your typical working conditions? Do you have a special place to write and can you describe it for us? I have a cubby hole that could laughingly be called an office. I go in there and close the door. What I love about travel planning is learning all sorts of either a the local customs or b that there are people truly passionate about very niche topics in this world.

Did you know there is a guy who has an entire blog solely about his trip reports on the different luxury and non-luxury bus lines between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur? Travel and travel planning tends to always remind me that as much as there are different cultures around the world we are all more alike than you would think at first glance. Those are some deals! I love sites like that!

Oh well done on that ticket! Some of those people are insane, but they also have really good tips on how to get great fares. Seat61 is awesome! He lays everything out so clearly. My parents are using it to plan the SailRail from Dublin to London they are coming to watch the cats for us while we are away and sometimes I like to look at random routes on occasion like a little mini holiday at lunch : To do the Trans Siberian and then a ferry to Japan would be amazing, although a guy at work did the train in Peru I think that goes along a mountain for three days and THAT looked incredible too.

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I was just really proud of myself for planning my day trip to Scotland in on the Caledonian Sleeper. I used the Seat 61 website to plan the train trip.

I highly recommend Inverness Tours; they were very easy to deal with by email. The tour guide picked me up at the station and he was wonderful.

Not only did the trip go smoothly, but going to Loch Ness and sleeping on a train were two separate bucket list items. And I managed to get them into one trip! My fellow Australians…what a week. What a week indeed. Another fun round of leadership spills! I now know how my SO felt trying to explain cricket to me when I arrived here. As weird and frustrating as it must be to Australian people; It is wonderful to see of the power of democracy and how the transfer of power in Australia is happening with drama, but not bloodshed.

The drama comes from watching the party implode and break into factions that backstab each other — having sworn on everything they hold dear the day before that they would NEVER be disloyal to the leader. Clear as mud? Let me tell you about cricket now….!

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When someone said ScoMo was in, I was shocked — was still back expecting Dutton! So I started trying Bumble about two months ago and posted here a few times with various frustrations. But the other night as I was swiping, a guy I knew from high school came up. This was probably the first boy I had a crush on oh so long ago. I sort of knew he was living in this city we have a number of mutual friends and last time we caught up was about 5 years ago with some of the said mutual friends. I made out with my high school crush when we were in our early 20s,just to indulge that fantasy.

It was not good. I came across 2 former coworkers on Bumble, and I swiped left. Both were good guys I enjoyed working with, but had no romantic interest in them at all. I ran across one of the guys in my HR department. No no. He goes by say Robert at work, but was listed as Bobby. I feel I know too much now, particularly since I strive to keep work and personal very separate.

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It went ok.. Movies as the first date is weird…. For some reason I keep finding couples and men in my feed. I checked my settings 8 million times. Pretty annoying. Talk to one of the instructors if you can, or ask if the enrollment office can provide you with an e-mail address if no-one is around between the end of one course and the start of the next round.

As for the level in general: I think it depends on your learning situation.

You can always do the lower-level course and then move on to the higher one afterwards, with a solid foundation to build on. I have taken a number of language classes over the last few years including Arabic starting at beginner level and French starting at not-quite-beginner level.

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For the French I read the level descriptions and decided to go with the lower option of the two I thought I seemed to be between, as I have no deadline on my learning so I thought it better to end up reviewing things I might already know rather than be confused at a higher level. I tend to learn faster than average in language classes, and going into a lower level would only lead to me wanting to poke my eyeballs out in frustration with the slow pace, whereas at a higher level, I can feel challenged to catch up.

But I think it depends on your aptitude! If I had to take a chemistry class, I would definitely go lower since I always struggled with that. I feel nervous and easily embarrassed when language learning, despite having learned various languages at various levels over the years. I recently did an advanced Microsoft Excel course which I knew was above my level as I figured I could take away enough to do a bit of self-study afterwards and finish with more to take away than had I done the more basic one this turned out to be true for me in this case.

I guess people feel differently about different types of subjects etc. I am with you.